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Secret Service Name: Flamingo June 3, 2008

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So, I survived the end of college, and frankly I did it better than anticipated. I only cried a little at Kiss the Wall. I did cry myself to sleep the first two days I was at home though. I missed A-15 and I missed sleeping with Jason. The prospect of sleeping alone was very disheartening. It still is, to be quite frank, and even though I don’t get the best quality night’s sleep when I sleep over at Jason’s now, I still prefer it to sleeping alone in my room. I still cry when I leave Philadelphia or when Jason leaves at the end of a visit home, and I never sleep the night before Jason visits, or I am going to Philly…I’m just too excited. The weirdest thing is that when I visit Jason, I demand Wawa and to get there, we have to drive through campus. I still feel like I belong there and that in a few months, I’ll go back. Part of that is probably because I haven’t really joined the Penn State community yet. I JUST got an email from my adviser (after a month of waiting) to set up an appointment to get my ID and pick classes. I’m also adjusting to living at home and trying to get out all the time. I want an apartment, but I realized that I only want it to live on my own and live with Jason, which I cannot do yet because he does not have a job here and has one in Philly.

Graduation is not at all what I was building it up to be in my last post. I think I was just doing that so I could actually get excited about it, which I never did. Double whammy.

I also recently began a new job, or an internship really. I’m working for a consulting firm in Harrisburg that does a lot of work with the government, watching bills and such for our clients. I did this 3 summers ago, after my freshman year, but it was basically office work and helping her get organized in her new digs. This year though, I am a real intern. I’ve gone to public hearings, committee meetings, press conferences, and had 2 working lunches…in two days. I work 9-5, which I love because I have hours like normal people. I hated working retail because the hours were always different (and I’m not too keen on customers either). I can also spend all my office time watching MSNBC and talking to people online, since we need my laptop in the office to get any work done if we are both there at the same time.

I have learned a few things, which I will bullet point here:

1. Always be polite. People in South Central PA respond well to it, and a please/thank you/smile combo can help people who get verbally abused all day.

2. If you have to go back and forth from the office anymore times than once between the office and the hill, DO NOT wear your heels that make your feet feel like they are on fire.

3. Ask for help. I went to a meeting today on MCare, which was waaaay over my head. It was very crowded, and a man sat next to me. He said that I looked very organized and prepared, but I told him that even after reading the summery of the bill, I had no idea what was going to be discussed, and as college has taught me, it is usually easier to take notes if you understand what is being said. So he explained everything to me. He did not patronize me, but used intelligent language and patiently answered all my questions. God bless you, 2nd floor man. (He also knows my boss and would periodically lean over and tell me “That’s important”, or “Your boss might be especially interested in that point”.)

4. Wave to your neighbors that work in the capitol. They like that.

5. Deliveries to Stallions are to be made in the rear and the left front door is for exit only. No kidding.

6. Subway apples make a great side. Also, make sure to tell the condiments lady at Subway not to drown your sub in mayo.

7. Two Brothers Pizza calls a stromboli a “boli”. I knew I had seen it SOMEWHERE.

8. Yes, you have to do it all again tomorrow.

9. Bring a sweater, even if its 80 degrees outside, because it will be -30 degrees in the Speaker Ryan Building.

10. Finally, don’t look like an intern. You don’t need to wear the suit everyday with a white shirt and sensible shoes. It makes you look like a tool. Also, don’t try too hard to not look like an intern, because then you just look silly. Wear color. Wear heels that aren’t black. Don’t look like a she-male. Don’t look like Hillary Clinton. Look like C.J., or Donna, or that cool state Senator in a wheelchair. She wore a sassy scarf today and I respect that.

Edit: Lesson 10b: On the days you have to go to the Capitol, do NOT wear your bronze heels, because the rotunda is made of cobblestone and you will trip and die. In front of the hundreds of school children who seem to be there everyday.

11. Always be early and check the committee meeting schedule every two minutes. Honestly.

Also, I forgot to mention how AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL the Pennsylvania Capitol Building is. If you have never made the trip to Harrisburg, you should. It’s only about an hour and 45 minutes from Philly, and after you take a tour (Weekdays: 7am to 6pm), take the 20 minute trip to Hershey. Or visit me. Or the State Museum, which I’ve taken Sara, Doug, Val, and Amy to…it’s hilariously old.

Senate Chamber

So, things aren’t so bad…but I know they’ll change again in 2 months. That’s ok.




1. Sara - June 4, 2008

I love what you’ve learned from real life West Winging it.

2. Were they the bronze heels?
3. If you see that man again, you should hug him.
7. Fine, I guess I can accept that you call it a boli.
8. Le sigh.
10. That was the best lesson I ever learned. For example, today I look sassy. Navy pinstripe pants, tank top, navy cardigan. I’m wearing the most inappropriate shoes too, the gold formal ones. 😀

2. Sara - June 4, 2008

I love the wording. “Trip and die.” Brilliance.

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