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The End of an Era. November 7, 2008

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The Presidential election of 2008 is finally over.  I feel like this was the longest election cycle EVER.  Pretty much my entire senior year of college was consumed by the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, Mike Huckabee…the list goes on.  I’m proud to say that even if I don’t have the most consistent record when it comes to actually voting (those absentee deadlines really snuck up on me in the spring!), I have been a supporter of Obama since he threw his name in the ring.  I was lucky enough to see him in person about a month ago in Abington, PA and I was 75 feet away from the person who is now the president-elect.  It was just a very exciting experience.  

The media and other political analysists are saying that this election is truly historic because it is one more crack in the racial barrier in this nation.  I will not contest this.  I hope we see a lot more minority men and women in the political process, because frankly, as a white woman, I think I’m pretty well represented.  However, this isn’t the era I’m talking about ending.  

The era that I’m talking about ending has much wider implications than the election of an African American in the long run.  It is the end of the era of Watergate cynicism.  The actions of people within the Nixon administration tainted the political atmosphere for the last 34 years and I feel like the election of Barack Obama has let the sunshine into politics.  The people who supported him had to have a crap-ton of optimism, trust me.  He didn’t run a campaign full of anger and bitterness, but of what changes we can make to create a nation more like the Founding Fathers envisioned, even though they never anticipated an African American president.  His supporters were “fired up and ready to go!” and spent their time chanting “Yes we can!”.  His posters told us to “Hope.”  We felt like our efforts and our votes actually mattered.  My parents’ generation came of age during Nixon and mine is doing so during the age of Hope and Obama.  In the long run, this is the greatest contribution to Presidential Politics that Obama will make.  He will do great things in office, but this has ramifications that will ripple throughout history, even after the race issue is finally put to rest. 

Just my two cents.  

Onward…and hope.



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