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Observation. February 18, 2009

Posted by roxieroo8125 in Uncategorized.

While reading the following article, I had an observation I thought I’d like to share with my oft-neglected readership.


In Pennsylvania, and probably a majority of other states, it is illegal to go around without car insurance.  This is fine, and I understand why that is a law.  However, it is perfectly legal to go through life without health insurance.  However, if one does, they risk falling far into debt and depending on the state to support them.  Making health care affordable to all will save a lot of money in the future.

Why can’t things just work the way they are supposed to?




1. Gwen - February 19, 2009

i share your concern

Massachusetts, by law, requires citizens to have health insurance. (pissing me off bc i didn’t have it for the two months of 2008 I lived here and now have to pay a $200 fee on my taxes except i’m claiming religious reasons as to why i didnt’ have insurance and praying i don’t get audited, woo! but thats another story for another day).
This is a good idea because then there are, ideally, less people ending up in the ER without insurance and thus relying on the state (aka the taxpayers) to pay their fees for them.
But while MA requires people to have health insurance… it offers very few affordable options. wtf, taxachusetts?

I’m in for doing as Canada does and having free healthcare for all and just upping everyone’s taxes. That’s a tax increase I can totally get behind..

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